How does it work?
The art of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a process that can take years to perfect. Here at Ausdents, we use industry specialised PDR tools designed to work and manoeuvre behind the car panel. After gaining access to the back of the car panel, our team will insert stainless steel rods. Generally, for a non-invasive repair we will only need a small space to fit tools under wheel arches, down through the gaps in windows, under the roof, bonnet or boot lid liners. The illuminated visual guide on the outside of the panel allows us to read the dent with extreme precision and delicately push the metal out without damaging the paint.
Why should I choose Ausdents?
Ausdents’ superior PDR method is undoubtedly the cheapest, quickest and most environmentally friendly option on the market for removing dents from a vehicle. You’ll have your car fixed in no time, looking how it did when you first laid eyes on it, all for less than your insurance excess – plus, with a friendly same day service. Ausdents offer a free detailed quote and can run you through the process that will be used, giving you piece of mind, an upfront figure and with no hidden costs.
How long will it take?
Being a mobile service, we can come to your workplace or home, cutting down on time and cost to you. A couple of regular (20c piece) sized dents will take approximately an hour. SIZE and LOCATION of dents will vary the time it takes for us to remove them. If you’re wondering how long it could take for your individual circumstances, call us today.
How much will it cost?
Every dent varies, so the cost will depend on the severity of the dent and the number of dents that will need to be repaired. Keep in mind, the more dents there are, then lesser the overall price will be. Typically, prices begin from $55 Inc. GST (plus callout) for a single small size dent (5c piece). This is great value when compared to at least $500 to repair a single panel at the panel shop! Not to mention, the days or weeks without your car.