Mobile Dent Repair In Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West

Ausdents are the specialists in mobile dent removal in Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and the surrounding South West region. Here at Ausdents, we have a passion for cars and care about getting your vehicle looking back to its original form by providing high quality and convenient automotive repair to your vehicle.

Our services of mobile dent repair are all paintless, which means fixing your vehicle’s dent is easy and faster than booking your car into a panel beater.


All makes and models

Ausdents offer mobile dent repair in Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West on all vehicles, big or small. We’ll fix your car’s dent no matter the make or model; having many years of experience in the industry means that we’ve fixed many quality and high performance vehicles in the past so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in great hands.


Save time and money

Attaining mobile dent removal in Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West from Ausdents will save you time and money. Our services are mobile, which means we come to you. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the side of the road, our expert team will come to a convenient place and time that suits you. This also means that you don’t have to make a booking at your local panel beater workshop, where you could be hit with unnecessary expenses. Our paintless dent repair services require no re-spraying of your vehicle, providing a cheaper alternative to ensuring your vehicle is back to its original form. Plus, choosing our PDR services is also a cheaper alternative to paying your insurance excess!


Quality Service that you can Trust.

The team at Ausdents are passionate about cars and always have been! We understand the love that you have for your car and take every care possible to ensure that it is restored to its former self. We strive to maintain the vehicle’s quality and integrity whilst restoring so that the end result is as if there was simply never a dent. Don’t leave the way your car looks up to chance, trust in Ausdents for simply the best mobile dent removal in Busselton.


The more, the merrier -saving your pocket!

The more dents your car has, the cheaper it is to repair per dent. Our mobile dent removal in Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough and the South West can ensure all dents are removed at the one time and they don’t necessarily have to be on your vehicle. If your family member has a dent in their car we can repair it right there on the spot for them too, as well as any other friends or close neighbors, allowing you to split the costs!


So, if you’re in need of a mobile dent repair in Busselton for your vehicle, contact Ausdents here or call us today on 0439 919 638!